After School Program

Registration Form

Program Dates: August 31, 2017-June 8, 2018

Program Overview

  • Available to children who are enrolled in Kindergarten through 6th grade                                                                                       
  • School Bus will drop off at Somerby (staff will meet kids at bus stop)
  • Closed on Holidays and Breaks (unless an all-day Kid's Fun Day is planned)
  • The After School program is a drop in program and you will only be billed for days you attend                  
  • Provides supervised child care, homework time, activities and games          


  • Kids Klub Coordinator- Tracy Coshenet
    • Direct: 507.775.3733 or Cell: 507.923.0552
  • Billing- Craig Perkins 
    • Direct: 507.775.3723          

Hours: 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm     

Location:  Somerby Golf Club Women’s Lounge                                                                                                 


  • Enrollment forms are required for each child participating in the After School program
  • Registration Fee is $30.00 per child                                                                          

Afternoon Hours and Care

                                                             1st Child                2nd Child

  • Picked up by 4:00 pm                    $9                           $8
  • Picked up by 5:00 pm                    $10                         $9
  • Picked up by 6:00 pm                    $11                         $10

                *Fees for additional child are 2nd child rate from same family

Snow Days

  • After School  programming is NOT open when school is cancelled due to weather
  • If school is cancelled part way through the day due to weather, Kids Klub will be open for 3 hours, allowing for arrangements to be made for pickup and safe travel home

Fun Days

  • There will be Fun Days from 8:00 am-5:00 pm on Staff Development Days and Professional Days. The cost for children enrolled in the after school program is $30, all others is $40
  • All Day Fun Days will be scheduled for:
    • November 3
    • November 6
    • December 22
    • January 19
    • January 22
    • February 20
    • March 29
    • April 9 
Billing and Payment                                                                                      

  • Billing is done every Monday for prior week and charged to member account                    
  • Billing question contact Craig Perkins 507.775.3723                                               


  • All children will receive afternoon snack
  • Milk, water and lemonade will be provided                                                                                                              

Release of child                                                                                                              

  • Children may not check themselves out
  • Children can only be picked up by:
    • Parents or Guardians
    • Authorized Person listed on registration form (person may need to show ID
      • If child is being picked up by someone other than parent or guardian, staff must be informed and children will be released accordingly


  • Appropriate First-aid will be given for all simple injuries
  • When injury is serious, 911 will be called as well as parents or secondary contact’s number                                                                                                                     


  • If your child becomes ill while at Kids Klub, the staff member will notify you immediately
  • You (parents, guardians and/or other authorized person) are responsible for picking up your child as soon as possible                                                                                                                     

Kids Klub After School Rules

  • Good behavior is expected; it will be recognized with praise. Poor behavior will result in privileges being taken away (reasonable consequences). These are general rules:
    • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
    • Make safe choices
    • Listen and follow directions of staff
    • Use appropriate language
    • Respect other people and property
    • Hand held electronic devices and cell phones are NOT allowed during the Kids Klub After School program (except on Fridays)
  • Serious misconduct or repeated bad behavior will be handled on an individual basis